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I consider myself lucky to have started photography in 2005. Even then, I had no idea that it would change my life upside down. Photography came into my life in connection with my other hobby, extreme mountain biking (yes, I know, not many people take me for an adrenaline junkie), because I wanted to capture how my friends and I go airborne on our bikes. So I started digging into the subject, bought remote flashes and lit up half the forest with them. Then, of course, I started photographing everything else, and I had to realize that it was the portrayal of people that really got me going. I find the human face to be the most fascinating subject, as it is unique for each and every person.

I was working as a financial analyst, and as a side gig I set up a mini studio in the bedroom of my apartment in 2014. So, after all, we can say that my photography career started from my bedroom...

I had an idea of the type of photos I wanted to create: close-up portraits with a background as blurred as possible, and in a horizontal crop. The big names in the Hungarian photo industry told me to forget this, because it is not how portraits should be taken. This put me off a bit, but then I stumbled upon the work of the American photographer Peter Hurley. I saw in Hurley’s photos exactly what I imagined for my own images. As I found out, this photographic genre is called headshot, of which Hurley happens to be the best-known representative in the world.
I knew right away what I had to do: I need to learn everything from this man. Luckily for me, Peter started his online coaching platform called Headshot Crew around that time, of which I quickly became a regular member. I dedicated all my free time to studying and practicing, I was constantly organizing photo shoots in my small mini studio. All that work finally paid off: in December 2015, I was chosen as one of Hurley's associate photographers! This actually means that I became one of the top 120 best headshot photographers in the world.


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I originally studied economics at Corvinus University Budapest and worked for 6 years in various financial fields. I started my photography business in 2015 with this business approach. I felt that I could create more value with my photos than by welding Excel tables. I was sure I didn't want to fall in line with the average Hungarian photographer who take on all kinds of low budget photo jobs just to pay their bills.
I looked at the foreign trends in the West. I saw that companies are putting more and more emphasis on showing the faces behind the businesses. I knew that this trend would reach us with a lag of about 2-3 years, so it seemed smart that I would specialize in business portrait photography. At that time, of course, everyone said that I would starve to death, because ‘you can't do that here, especially not for that much money’...
Luckily for me, my calculations worked out, and company managers began to appreciate the fact that attractive portrait photos were finally being taken of them, which set them apart both in terms of message and quality.
I opened my József körút studio in November 2016. Since then, many business managers have tried our services from companies such as Morgan Stanley, HAYS, Deutsche Telekom, Wizzair, etc. However, I soon had to realize that I wasn't going to take it far alone. In the spring of 2017, I hired my colleague Ági Schmidt, who has been with me on all my photo shoots ever since, and has now taken over most of the retouching from me.

The number of our clients started to grow to such an extent that I also had to realize that one photographer was not enough for our team, and I had to train someone else alongside me.


After seeing my foreign-quality headshot photos, the Hungarian photography community quickly noticed me. I was asked to give interviews to photography magazines and to give presentations at large events for photographers, such as the Hungarian Photo Expo.

In the fall of 2018, I started my own photography school, the Headshot Academy, where I teach interested Hungarian photographers the art of portrait photography in personal and online courses. The most dedicated of my students turned out to be Richárd Halasi, whom I have since taken on as a photographer in my business.
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