An unusual photo shoot with Péter Geszti

When it comes to Péter Geszti, creativity clearly pops to my mind. That is why we chose a very unique location for Péter's photo shoot: the Museum of Illusions in Budapest.

Almási Kitti

Dr. Kitti Almási psychologist visited our studio for a fun portrait shoot. The captivating pictures were taken for the cover story of the April issue of Behavior Magazine.

How to sell yourself in 0.1 seconds?

In this presentation, I present the importance of the first impression through a funny experiment, show examples of good and bad LinkedIn photos and reveal the secret of the perfect smile level. Video recording of my entire presentation at the Sharks and Careers event. Only in Hungarian, sorry folks…

A billionaire in front of my lens

We photographed Sándor Scheer, the owner-general manager of Market Építő Zrt., in their impressive office building.

My appearance in HírtTV

I had the honor of talking about the importance of online presence as an invited guest on HírTV's Paletta program. Only Hungarian, sorry again.

Interview on Manna FM

I talked to Gabi Ferencz live on Manna FM about my portrait photography behind-the-scenes secrets. I told the listeners how I get the person to relax in front of my camera. Or just how many photos do you need to click to get the perfect picture?


Portfolio photography for Tibor Kulcsár

This is how we photographed Tibor Kulcsár, the well-known Hungarian entrepreneur, educator, founder of Kulcs-Soft Nyrt. Take a look behind the scenes, how we prepare such a large-scale portrait shoot and how much fun we have during it!

Executive portrait photography at Zwack

Before the Zwack board meeting, we were given only 1 hour to take individual portraits of all 12 members and also to take group photos at two locations. The video shows whether we managed to cope with the task.



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