My goal is to take photographs with a unique style that faithfully reflect your personality. My team and I will give you a special photography experience during which you can gain a new insight into your own appearance.

I know you can't stand having a camera pointed at you. Don't worry, I've taken more than 3,000 portraits of people like you who aren't used to the camera, so I've got my best ways to loosen you up.

My clients choose me because I constantly give instructions during the photo shoot and help them find the most suitable poses. In addition, I use my little tricks to get honest facial expressions out of them, which really makes my portrait photos come to life.

You can find detailed information about the process of the photo shoot and how you should prepare by clicking on the button below.


Stúdió fotó férfi


the famous close-up portrait photos
(from EUR 200)

A headshot simply means that pictures are taken from the shoulders up (imagine a bust). You can use these images most often as a LinkedIn profile picture, for your own website, for a presentation, in an email signature, etc.

The specialty of my work lies in the fact that I am able to show your very diverse faces with my different settings and funny instructions.

Stúdió fotó hölgy


creation of a portfolio covering all purposes
(from EUR 300)

During my studio portrait photography, headshot photos are supplemented with half body and full-length photos. This means that you will be able to use these images in a wider range: magazine interviews, publications, website illustrations, etc.

Don't worry, just like with the headshot photos, I will  help you find the most advantageous full body settings for you as well.
Helyszíni fotózás hölgy


I am also happy to take pictures for you that are suitable for magazines and taken in a business environment.

I know that you don't have much time, so we are happy to travel to you anywhere in the country at your request. We set up and test everything in advance, so you only have to spend the least amount of time taking photos.

On this page you will find a couple of videos about how we work live at locations.
Find a studio appointment online here.
Contact us and we'll help you figure out which solution would be the most suitable for you! 


Our corporate group portrait photography service was designed for customers who value a uniform and brand-matching appearance. We are happy to help you take attractive photos of your company's management, sales team or even all employees.
The specialty of my group corporate photo shoots is that I am able to loosen up even the most resistant colleague in front of my camera in a short time. I will not rest until I take the picture that your colleague will be proud to use.

The photo shoot is often organized in our studio, where the photo shoot can become a fun team-building experience in smaller groups. It is also possible to install our equipment at your preferred location. We have an agreement with several of our clients, in the framework of which the newly arrived colleagues can comfortably drop into our studio one by one.

Let us help you find the best solution for your company. Ask for a consultation below.


We organize more than 200 photo shoots a year, and we can certainly provide you with a solution that will make you completely satisfied.

Feel free to contact us at these contact details, or fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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